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Becoming A Client

Initial Free Consult, Our Process, Fixed Price What to expect

Veterans Benefits


During your free initial consultation, we aim to discover what the wishes, goals, and concerns surrounding creating an estate plan are. Most people will want their estate plan to incorporate these four concepts:

  1. I want to control my property while I'm alive;
  2. I want to provide for myself and my loved ones if I am disabled or incapacitated;
  3. I want to give what I have to whom I want, when I want, and in the way I want; and
  4. I want my plan to be completed at a known and controlled price.

After discovering your specific goals, the design process begins. Your documents should be ready to execute within 2-3 weeks of your initial consultation.

Fundamental Estate Planning


Implementation of your plan is crucial. Your estate plan is only truly complete when the ownership and beneficiary designations of your assets are aligned with the plan. This process of aligning assets with your estate plan is called “funding,” which may involve changing titles of assets, or filling out beneficiary designations. Some assets include your home, vacation home, timeshare, vehicles, bank accounts, investments, retirement accounts, and safety deposit box. If these assets are not properly aligned with your Trust, probate will not be avoided.

Elder Law


As the years go by, things change. Whether it be that you sold your home, had a new child, remarried, or even something as simple as opening a new bank account – this means that you need to review and likely update your estate plan. Our firm offers Continuous Care Maintenance to all our clients for a fixed fee depending on your plan. This includes a bi-annual review of your assets, bi-annual document update, educational seminars presented by an LCPC Attorney to learn more about your plan and how it works, phone calls on an as-need basis without the worry of being charged an hourly fee, and a fixed-price settlement at time of death.