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How an Experienced Estate Planning Attorney Helps People

Irish-handsEstate planning attorneys work with couples and individuals in case one or both of them become incapacitated, creates a plan for distributing assets after death and helps people convey their wishes for their legacy to family and loved ones.

People turn to estate planning attorneys, when they are ready to create a set of instructions for what they would like to happen to their assets when they die, explains Vents Magazine’s recent article, “Understanding What an Estate Planning Attorney Does.” The estate planning attorney creates a will, also known as a last will and testament to accomplish this, but that’s just part of what they do.

An estate planning attorney also helps to plan for incapacity, when a person cannot speak for themselves because of an injury or an illness. She also helps you understand estate taxes.

An estate planning attorney will also help to make certain that all of your savings and property are safe and distributed through the proper legal processes.

Estate planning attorneys assist with the power of attorney and health care directives. These documents allow you to designate an individual to decide issues on your behalf, in the event that you become mentally incapable of making decisions for yourself. They can also help you with a guardian who will look after your estate.

It’s important that you select the right estate planning attorney to execute the legal process, as you’ve instructed in your estate plan. You should only retain an attorney with experience in this field of law because other legal counsel won’t be able to help you with these issues—or at least, they may say they can, only to find out later that they’re not experienced in this area.

You also want to feel comfortable with your estate planning attorney because you must disclose all your life details, plans, and estate issues, so she can create an estate plan that’s customized to your circumstances.

By selecting an experienced estate planning attorney, you save your family from unnecessary stress and costs. If there is no will, the entire estate is handled by the courts, which also takes a considerably longer time than if a will was properly prepared. If no estate plan exists, there may also be additional taxes.

Reference: Vents Magazine (December 12, 2019) “Understanding What an Estate Planning Attorney Does”