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Staying Connected to a Valued Community through Planned Giving

Giving-to-charity2Through the use of a Charitable Remainder Unitrust, the Whitehouses receive lifetime income. At the same time, their beloved university and Calvary Church benefits from their generosity.

Getting updates about Bethel University are important to Neil and Marilyn Whitehouse. They like to know about the activities and events at Bethel, a top-ranked Evangelical Christian university located in St. Paul, Minnesota. As long-standing supporters of the university, Bethel’s story is also part of their story.

As Bethel University News reports, in “Former Trustee Stays Connected to Community through Giving,” the Whitehouses first became involved at Bethel through friendships formed at their church. They’ve been a part of the President’s Circle for more than 30 years, which is the giving level for those who donate more than $1,000 annually to Bethel. Neil said that they see the benefits of their financial gifts.

In the 1980s, Neil was asked by the Bethel president about serving on Bethel’s Board of Regents.

While he was on the board, two of the Whitehouse children attended school there.

Neil set up a Charitable Remainder Unitrust that will benefit Bethel and their church.

“Hearing about the significant impact Bethel is having on the community and students across the country is so encouraging,” says Neil. “It’s exciting to see that Bethel is expanding into areas they haven’t offered in the past. Efforts made on behalf of the students by the faculty and administration have made Bethel the place it is today.”

This past February, Neil and Marilyn met with Bethel President, his wife and other members of the university’s past and present leadership at meetings held in Florida.

Neil recommends that others invest their resources in Bethel,  since he is confident that the university will continue benefitting the community for years to come.

Reference: Bethel University News (March 17, 2017) “Former Trustee Stays Connected to Community through Giving”